2.1.- User Obligations

Generally speaking, the User undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions of use, and to act always in accordance with the law, good customs and the principles of good faith, employing the diligence appropriate to the nature of the service that he/she benefits from, and abstaining from using this website in any form that may impede, damage and deteriorate the normal operation of the website, the assets or rights of the owner (Textiles Frau Pérez, S.L.), of other Users or, in general, of any third party.

In particular, and without this implying any restriction to the obligations undertaken by the User to comply in general with the previous paragraph, the User undertakes, during his/her use of this website:

If such details are provided, to safeguard in the appropriate manner the “Username” and the “Password” provided by Textiles Frau Pérez, S.L. as tools that allow him/her to identify himself/herself and to access various services offered on the website, and undertakes not to transfer or allow third parties to access such information, assuming all responsibility for the damages that may result from the improper use of these tools.

Not to introduce, store or disseminate on or from the website any information or material that is defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, promotes violence, discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or that in any form infringes on public morals and order, that violates the fundamental rights, public freedoms, the honour, the intimacy or the image of third parties and, in general, that violates current Spanish law or the laws of your country of residence.

Not to introduce, store, or disseminate through the website any computer program, data, virus, code or any other file that may cause damage or any other type of alteration to the website, any of its services, or the hardware, systems or networks of any User, or in general of any third party, or that may prevent the normal operation of the same.

Not to destroy, modify, use for himself/herself, disable or damage the data, information, programs, electronic documents, or, in general, the files of other Users or third parties.

The Company may, at any moment and without prior notice, modify these Terms and Conditions, as well as any Special Conditions that may apply from time to time, through the publication of said modifications on the website in order to make them known to the Users.

2.2.- Exclusion of Liability

The Company does not provide any guarantees, nor does it bear any responsibility, under any circumstances, for the damages of any nature that may result because of:

Generally speaking, the improper use of the website. The users must use the website in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the aforementioned terms and conditions, and the owner of the website shall not bear any responsibility in the event of improper use.

Possible technical problems. The Company shall under no circumstances be held responsible in the event of disturbances to its service that may result from power failures, failures in the data connection network, in the server or in any of its features.

Third parties accessing the system. The Company shall adopt the necessary technical precautions in order to protect the data and information that it accesses, but cannot be held responsible for third parties that, breaching the established security measures, manage to access said data.

The Company invests continuously in technological methods that aim to minimise the risk of viruses or similar software, and of unauthorized content on its information systems. Despite this, the User is aware that it must adopt his/her own methods in order to minimize the damages caused by unauthorized software, viruses, trojans and any other class of software referred to as malware, releasing the Company from all responsibility that may arise from the presence of malware in the features enabled on this website.

2.3.- Use of hyperlinks

Internet users who want to enter links from their own pages to the Website will be compelled to observe the conditions given below, an ignorance of which does not constitute a release from the liabilities deriving from Law.

In accordance with the applicable legislation in force at every moment, it is under any event forbidden to establish frames of any type that may envelop the Website or permit the screening of its Contents via other Internet addresses than those of the Website and, in any case, when they are jointly screened with contents other than those of the Website in such a way as to: (I) actually or potentially result in error, confusion or deceit among users as to the true origin of the service or Contents; (II) constitute an act of unfair comparison or imitation; (III) exploit the reputation of the national brand and the prestige of this company; or (IV) incur in any other form of activity forbidden by the legislation in force.

The page bearing the link may not incur in any type of false, inaccurate or incorrect statement on the Company, its partners, employees or customers, or on the quality of the services it offers.

In no event will the page bearing the link state that the Company has given its consent to the use of the link or that it otherwise sponsors, collaborates with, verifies or supervises the services of the sender.

The use of any denominative, graphic or mixed brand or of another characteristic sign of The Company within the sender’s web page is forbidden except for those cases permitted by Law or expressly authorised by the Company as long as in such cases a direct link to the Website is permitted in the manner established in this section.

The page with the link must faithfully observe the law and may under no condition contain or link to elements, whether belonging to this page or to those of third parties that: (I) are illicit, harmful or contrary to morality or good conduct (pornography, violence, racism, etc.); (II)actually or potentially create the false impression that the Company subscribes, endorses, adheres to or otherwise supports the ideas, statements or expressions, whether illicit or otherwise, made by the sender; (III) are inappropriate for or not pertinent to the activity of the Company by virtue of the location, contents or theme of the sender’s Website. Likewise, the User shall abstain from including in the Website any hyperlinks (hereinafter, “link”) directed to a Webpage that contains information or content that is illegal, contrary to morality or generally accepted good conduct, and to public order.

2.4.- Intellectual and Industrial Property

The structure, design, and presentation of the elements available on this website (graphics, images, pictures, samples and materials contained on the website itself, industrial technology, archives, logotypes, colour combinations and any element that can be protected) are protected by Textiles Frau Pérez, S.L.’s intellectual and industrial property rights or the corresponding rights of use have been obtained.

The reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, distribution for public use, and in general, any other form of exploitation, partial or total of the elements referred in the previous paragraph are prohibited. Their publication in other webpages or on other digital or written means of communication requires the express consent of the owner of the website and, in any case, must refer explicitly to the owner of the aforementioned intellectual property rights of Textiles Frau Pérez, S.L.

The use of distinctive signs (brand names, commercial names) is not permitted except with the express authorisation of their legitimate owners.

Unless expressly authorised by Textiles Frau Pérez, S.L., links to "final pages", "frame", or any manipulation of this sort is strictly forbidden.

2.5.- Jurisdiction and applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction.

The Company and the User, regardless of their domicile, expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submitting to the Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Alcoy for any questions that may arise or actions taken as a result of the delivery of the webservice and its services and contents and over the interpretation, application, fulfilment or breach of the provision herein.

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