We offer you our 25 years of experience in the sector.


New collections, different themes, synthesis between technology and design.

Our creative department has a long history as textile designers specialising in Jacquard fabrics. We develop new collections adapted to the needs of each client, exploring different themes and constantly evolving. In each project we carry out a rigorous treatment of the exploration of colour, ligaments, new yarns and, of course, drawing. Technology and design go hand in hand through the use of advanced computer programmes to achieve the best results for our fabrics from the loom to the consumer.


Latest technology in jacquard looms

Over the years, Textiles Frau Perez has evolved in mechanical engineering by acquiring new electronic looms connected to a computer network. This makes the reading of the final design to the Jacquard machine a quick and efficient task. Our staff is highly qualified both in the preparation of the yarns and warps necessary for weaving, as well as in the knowledge of the technology for the smooth running of the production line. Our looms allow a rapport of 140 and 280 cm.

Quality control

The best quality with trusted certificates

Our motto is to ensure the quality of our fabrics and yarns used for complete customer satisfaction. We carefully analyse the raw materials to ensure that they meet the standards of the textile industry and that they certify the reliability and quality of our products. This whole process is also carefully checked from the reworking area preparing it for finishing and fabric sizing treatments.

Sample control

We prepare your samples in the greatest detail.

The preparation of samples of the finished pieces is another step in the verification of the quality of the product, carrying out the final checks so that the sample reaches the customer in perfect conditions of excellence and labelling.


We deliver the product to the desired place, in the desired form and quantity.

We manage the national and international distribution chain in our warehousing and logistics warehouse. The product is carefully packed and palletised. We have the latest technology in stock management and tracking of goods.


Quick decision and resource planning

The teamwork of this department is visible in the decision making process for the perfect management of the company in its own areas. Fiscal and financial accounting. Human resources. Market studies and cost optimisation. We pay special attention to after-sales service, strengthening ties with our clients and resolving any doubts that may arise during the process.

Applications of our product

Fabrics for the world

The different qualities presented by Frau Perez Textiles are studied and finished for different applications, both in the home decoration sector (living room, kitchen...), clothing, footwear, wall decoration (tapestries), accessories (bags, backpacks, suitcases...).

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